Valued Customers

Customer Profiling/Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

Respect your Valued Customers. One of the classic errors in prospecting is sales people failing to identify the right customer for their product or service. No marketing is going to work well unless the sales people know what their value proposition is i.e. what is the number one reason that people do business with the company. Value creation is the raison d’être of companies. A company´s reasons for selling are useless if they do not match the customers reasons for buying.

What customers can expect from using the Ascent Associate services.


The traditional view of sales is that they produce and deliver orders with a bundle of goods and services meeting the buyer’s needs. Recent research has shown that capabilities of the sales person and their company perform a critical role in influencing the company’s ability to create value. The role of sales people is changing. In the past it was the marketing people that created value with the sales peoples task to communicate it to the prospects and customers. Today sales and marketing need to create and communicate value and this can be only achieved with customers intimacy.

In marketing a customer value proposition (CVP) consists of the sum total of benefits which a vendor promises a customer will receive in return for the customer’s associated payment (or other value-transfer).

A customer centric approach needs to be adopted which focuses on creating real value by genuinely understanding the customers needs, solving their problems and helping them make mutually beneficial buying decisions. This value must be unique and compelling. A companys ability to move value to its part of the value chain can help to make them less replaceable when a competitor tries to displace them. Creating value needs to be ongoing as companies need to find ways of continuing to demonstrate their value, they need to find new competitive advantages. Suppliers who show a willingness to understand the root causes of the issues with the prospect are the ones most likely to improve. If this does not happen then the engine of value creation can come to a halt very quickly. Disney’s corporate theory which was personally delivered by Walt Disney focused on value creation. He crafted a robust theory and was very specific on how combinations of assets create value.. Ascent Associate can work with you in helping you prepare your Customer Value Proposition.