Negotiation Business Deals

Understanding Negotiation Business Deals

Negotiation with Understanding of Business

Negotiation with Business in Mind

Negotiation and Understanding the total costs of acquisition of any product or service is key to optimising the savings that can be achieved when negotiating a contract. This is the approach that Ascent Associate adopts when evaluating procuring categories of expenditure. It has yielded millions of €’s in savings with the vast experience. Ascent Associate can:
-Establish how much is going to be spent in the 2 to 3 years overall and on specific requirements
-Establish whether retainers and/or hourly/daily rates are most appropriate
-Tender as appropriate to suppliers capable of providing specific and/or overall requirements
-Negotiate with selected suppliers and put in place contracts and service level agreements (SLA’s) including rebates for spend thresholds

Ensure that the Client receives regular management information reports detailing all aspects of each project including spend to date.

Ensure that all approved suppliers advise when 50% of the various projects budgeted spend has been consumed so that Client stays in control of the costs.

Ensure proper internal draw-down procedures are put in place to ensure that all aspects of the SLA and cost control measures are adhered to.

Negotiation Business Deals.