Business Substance in Ireland

Business Substance in Ireland

Foreign companies to create substance in Ireland, Cliffs of Moher Business in Ireland

Ireland is awaiting your Arrival


Do you need help executing your International tax strategy? 

Does your corporate structure optimise your tax liabilities? 


Do you need help implementing your chosen tax optimisation structure?

Are your tax strategies robust enough to comply with the more challenging “Economic Substance” tests of today’s environment?

Many companies set up off shore companies to optimise their tax liabilities. With increasing focus on off shore companies, In order to qualify for the tax advantages, offshore companies must have economic substance.We can help you establish and maintain that economic substance.

We have a team of experienced business executives who can help you to put in place the organisations and procedures which will enable you to achieve the substance requirements.

Ascent Associate are uniquely qualified to help companies create substance in Ireland.

Our services includes,
        Board Membership
        Identify qualified Board candidates (Executive or non Executive in Ireland)
        Conduct Board meetings in Ireland
        Memorialize Board decision process
        Work with IDA and local legal council to set up facilities and company residency
        Sign International sales contracts in Ireland
        Co-ordinate contract entry into sales system (for example Sales Force. Com)
        Outsource sales activity to Irish based sales force
Coordinate international accounting
        Plug Irish accounting into Global ERP system
        Set up local Irish bank disbursement and collection accounts
        Assist in accounting decisions that drive a tax minimisation strategy
            for example with-holding taxes on interest, dividends or royalty payments
Coordinate international procurement
        Signing Purchase Agreements
        Outsource Purchasing activity
        Co-ordinate with Global procurement system
Coordinate physical delivery of goods if applicable
        Irish warehouse
        Create logistic paperwork instructions from Ireland