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Ascent Associate Business Consultants in Tipperary

Develop your Business.

Develop your Business.

Consultants in Tipperary

Creating value for your customers.

Unique Selling Points


Lead Generation

Lead Qualification

Cold Calling

Sales Funnel

Development in Tipperary

Market identification

Customer Profiling

Channel Development.

Opening new markets

Strategic positioning of the business.

Key Account Management

Meetings with Prospects

Purchasing and Sourcing



Cost Reduction.

Raw Material Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Human Resources in Ireland

Recruitment Selection

Sales Training.


Retention of Key Employees.

Non Executive Directorship

Creative, Profitable Idea’s

Ascent Associates offers you all kind of business development. If you are interested take a look for more information. Business development is a broad term for the work involved in developing your leads.

Teamwork in Tipperary

Ascent Associate can work with your people and create a strong team that are focused on the required deliverables. Having the right motivated team in place is an essential ingredient in being successful and Ascent Associate can help achieve this.

Our services in Tipperary

We offer half day, full day training courses to meet your needs. These sales areas include, Creating Customer Value, Lead Generation, Cold calling and Closing the Sale.

Right People, Right Skills

It is important that the sales team have the right skills in order to deliver their forecasts. Ascent Associate will work with your people to ensure they have the winning skills to close the sale.